About Us

Salus Alpha is the pioneering firm in UCITS compliant hedge funds, offering exceptional solutions for investors. Innovation, market knowledge and protection of clients as well as outstanding performance are key to Salus Alpha's success.

Innovation. Salus Alpha's world leader status can be traced back to the launching of the world's first UCITS eligible hedge fund indices. These hedge fund indices, which are also the first to be listed on a stock exchange, paved the way for the remarkable diverse product range of UCITS compliant hedge funds. "Our UCITS hedge fund structures with daily liquidity are unmatched till today."

Salus Alpha’s current revolutionary project of launching the first online platform for investing in hedge funds is another indication of the firm’s exceptional innovation potential.

Market Knowledge. Salus Alpha funds are among the world’s best performers with Salus Alpha Directional Markets being awarded the title of best performer and the innovative Salus Alpha Real Estate being the best real estate fund in Europe, not only with positive performance in the crisis year, but consistently producing positive months. Our funds are the first hedge funds to be included in the Swedish Premium Pension Platform (PPM) having passed the strict requirements regarding transparency and daily liquidity set up by the Premium Pension Authority.

Protection of Clients. Salus Alpha’s principal attention is to guarantee the safety of the client’s asset. Salus Alpha is the first asset manager worldwide to offer daily liquid and 100% on-shore hedge fund investment solutions through UCITS structures. “It is always our philosophy that only transparent on-shore structures safeguard customer assets.” Another important factor in securing the client’s assets is Salus Alpha’s ground-breaking qualitative rating model of hedge funds.